Facebook Ads

Discover the value of Facebook ads. Promote your products or services where they all perfectly fall in the customer journey.


Facebook offers mind-blowing ad targeting options you won't find anywhere else.


Target people who are aware of your brand and your products because they know you already.

How much it costs?

If your goal is maximizing profit, then you’ll spend whatever budget happens to maximize that business outcome.


With what seems like endless combinations of demographics, interests, behaviors and more, you can get as creative as it requires in order to reach your target market.

Reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the pages they liked, and closely related topics. You can combine interests to expand your ad’s reach.

You can also use dynamic retargeting to drive sales of products that people visited in your online store, or added to their shopping cart, to drive additional sales.

General ad targeting options:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections


Remarketing (retargeting) includes people who visited your website and/or came in contact with your brand. You can show these visitors ads to remind them of products they have visited on your site.

Your ads can be generic ads referencing your various products, or they can be dynamic ads so you don’t have to created individual ads but promote all your products.

Remarketing audiences include:

  • Website visitors, including people who visited specific pages
  • Facebook video viewers
  • People who engaged with any of your organic posts or ads
  • Facebook page likes
  • A custom list that you upload to Facebook, for example people who signed up to your newsletter

Make it working for you

Most people fail at Facebook ads because they started with an arbitrary monthly budget and just started boosting or running conversion ads to cold audiences. That either gets you a bunch of useless likes (doesn’t translate to sales) or yields no conversions. The users you targeted never got a chance to learn about you.

You need to match your offer to where your audience is in their buyer’s journey and relationship with your business. You do this by setting up custom audiences, a javascript pixel you place on your site.

Then the goal is to generate:

  • A first touch (which is awareness)
  • That then leads to engagement (initial remarketing)
  • Then to conversion (cross-channel remarketing from search, email, and social back into Facebook conversion ads).

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