Advertising Online

Drive high-quality traffic to your website and capture leads and sales. Reach and persuade a customer to buy a product or a service. Your strategies of advertising require creative thinking, testing and measuring its effectiveness.



Tracking & Analytics

Data collection is the most important step in digital advertising. Define your business objectives, and measurement strategy. Collection of meaningful data will answer your business questions and allows you to achieve more value from your advertising online.



Ecommerce Audits

Take steps towards meeting the user’s needs by making your ecommerce site easier to use. Website auditing helps to avoid missing sales opportunities that could have otherwise come your way. Carrying out the process seriously increase performance and conversion rate.


Get conversions through Advertising & Analytics

Advertising Online

Google Advertising

Start your business digital journey and grow your online sales with Google Search & Display Network. Google platform let you align marketing goals to your marketing metrics, measure and understand how your customer’s actions contribute to your business goals. Now you can deliver right product to the right person at the right moment.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be a very effective marketing channel for the right business. You can promote your Fan Page, posts on your Page and other actions users took either on Facebook or your website. Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. You can also use retargeting ads to target users who have interacted with your fan page, or your website.


SALESmanago is the one of the best marketing automation platforms. It helps you to better manage your customer data. It builds 360 degree customer profiles integrating in one place customer data collected in different touch points such as: website and mobile app behavior, transactions, loyalty program activities, CRM and much more.

Ecommerce Audits

Google Analytics Configuration

Data from Google Analytics helps ecommerce merchants and other online businesses make key decisions. It is crucial to avoid errors and make sure your data is correct. Our expert insight on current best practices, strategic thinking and tactical approaches let you get the most out of Google Analytics. Properly setting up Google Analytics is critical.

UX/UI Design

Design can be really impactful if done right. The key to any great design is a focus on the user. That’s why we call it “the user experience” or “UX”. Great UX design is when you go into an online shop and find what you’re looking for and purchase it in a simple way, all without thinking too much. Professional UX design require knowledge of psychology, emotional design and design thinking.

SEO & Technical Issues

Optimize your content to rank higher in search engines so your website can be discovered through organic search results. Optimizing web pages involves both optimizing HTML tags and satisfying the searcher’s intent. Your content needs to address the things people expect to see with correct structure of titles, subheadings, internal linking and readability. Your site should be free of technical errors.


Event Tracking in Google Analytics / GTM

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How to Understand Data in the Shopping Campaign Reports

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Lead Nurturing in SALESmanago

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